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Has it been fully documented with regards to the Mac Pro? Error 43 has myriad causes. Disabling PCIe devices frees up resources. No we don't have any documented solution for Mac Pro Bootcamp - this would be one if reproducible. Freed up precious resources for PCIe device allocation. If possible please share what all items you disabled.

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Also share your bootrom information from System Report in macOS. This was done as I mentioned, stupidly at random. Let me know if further information is required out of Device Manager. I should note that I have not noticed any bizarre behavior as a result of disabling these devices. The eGPU is plugged into the bottom left Thunderbolt port, as per recommendations in other threads. The top left port works fine to drive my LED Cinema Display which defaults to using the D GPUs, as mentioned and the middle left port is driving the Belkin Thunderbolt Dock which is working because Windows is running off that port right now.

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac with Boot Camp

If it's in there, it just won't boot to Windows. I didn't think getting it up and running was a common thing, so I want to figure out exactly how to replicate it in case I need to start again with Windows. Thanks for sharing! Are PCI bus numbers sufficient for recreating this? Bus numbers can change, depending on the software that enumerates PCIe devices.

I think you need vendor and product IDs of each device to be sure.

If they are not unique, then you may need to know the parent devices at least up to a unique ancestor. You're right, they're probably not enough. I will try and get more information out of Device Manager later tonight I'm physically in a different location at the moment with the Mac Pro but not the eGPU.

I'm not the most experienced with all of this, but if you let me know which values out of Device Manager you want, I can grab them. I have nothing plugged into any of the Thunderbolt ports at the moment display is being outputted through HDMI. My 6,1 is now running I will it a try soon in Windows Boot Camp. Can you take a screen capture with several instances of Device Manager open to show these information?

How to install Windows 7 on a new Mac Pro (Late ) with Bootcamp

I forgot the exact arrangement of PCIe root tree in Windows for the 6,1 but you can expand them all to identify which D has a Display attached. Many thanks! I thought this would be pretty interesting news to this forum. Plus, I really do need to figure out a concrete method of replicating it so I can safely wipe Windows in the future. Here are the screenshots:.

Suggested method

Indeed I did. I believe the changes Apple made to the trashcan firmware made this possible.

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Thank you for this discovery! Here are some screen captures.

What you'll need before you install Windows 10 on your Mac

This is amazing! Are you game enough to try Windows ? With the latest firmware, detection was immediate. Will do. Out of curiosity, do we have any idea what kind of flow on hardware effects disabling those devices has? Does it stop some Thunderbolt ports from working or something? Not a critical element by any stretch, but I would definitely like to confirm whether or not there is a specific hardware cost to disabling the bridges. Thunderbolt 3 detection works great in Windows 10 However I could not get past error I tried disabling many different components but nothing helped.

Step 1.

GTA 5 on Mac Pro Late 2013 with BOOTCAMP

Create a dsdt-modified. Note my own DSDT-modified. Step 2. Load your dsdt-modified. Step 3. So I randomly disabled and spent many hours watching a black screen followed by Windows auto-repair cycles. Something Microsoft did in it, particularly the final shipping version of , has broken it. At the very least, we can confirm that the Boot ROM versions in Mojave and Catalina have changed to the point of recognition in Windows 10, and to the point of full success in versions of Windows 10 notably I am probably going to try doing a clean install of Windows 10 soon on an SSD so that link is very useful.

Just to confirm your full process I used the ISO image. Win2USB is no longer free. There are other tools like Rufus and UNetbottin that might do the job. I tried the library version dsdt file but it did not work for me. I reverted to the one I compiled and this does work i. Am I missing something from NOT using it?

From there, I did my random bridge disabling and after rebooting had a fully functional eGPU in Windows. From there, I ran the installation off the disc and installed it to what was previously an internal drive. I could potentially get lucky and run the drive dock directly into the nMP via USB, but who knows at this point.

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  7. Ignore 'risk factor' that was me getting confused between automate-eGPU and a method that involves changing the Mac's own EFI partition. I have now tried automate-eGPU and I like its simplicity. Only problem for me is it freezes as soon as I select the boot OS. This may be because I have upgraded to Catolina after two days work downgrading Win10!!!

    Catalina did not affect Windows bootability for me but Catalina itself does not boot using the EFI stick. This was so automate and the regular boot loader would load the external Windows drive. Success at last! These are my five:. However, Win10 downloaded updates overnight so I could not avoid them being installed on restart this morning.

    The install went in after a few failed runs probably due to the resources that are diabled causing confusion. Good news is the eGPU still works.