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From here you can just move files onto the PlayBook as you normally would. It took about 5 or 10 minutes actually it was more like 30 minutes, my bad, to transfer a film for me, so not too bad all in all. Even on Yosemite. Haven't backed it up in a year. I miss Link a lot. I have a Galaxy Tab S too and I found link infinitely more useful than Kies, sidesync or any of the garbage associated Samsung device manager programs.

I've tried using Link to connect the two and it doesn't recognise the tablet. I was using device manager to connect back when I first got it and honestly it's one of the worst pieces of software I've used.

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Very slow, very horrible interface. I wish blackberry would just let me access the space on it directly, and have it come up as an external drive.

How to download Blackberry Link software

Now that RIM are on the rocks and PlayBook is all but abandoned it looks like that's never going to happen. Thanks for the reply :. Get a 30 day free trial.

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    Made for your Mac or PC. Keyboard shortcuts you already love Windows-like toolbar and menu. Open multiple windows at the same time. Double-click it to mount the disk and then image to launch the installer. You must run the Setup program to install the Desktop on Mac software, it is not just an app that you slip into your Applications folder.

    Recently, I made the mistake of upgrading to the latest version of the Desktop software for Mac 2. I use an iMac running I uninstalled and reinstalled several times without success, by a new download every time. This may be a moot point because I plan to return soon to a PC, but for now I'm on the Apple and irritated.

    You are right!! I am new to the community and would appreciate any help. I have two recent problems for which I'm looking for troubleshooting tips. The priority problem is first mentioned below. I was not able to download the last updated however. I saw a post initially by a user who has the same problem, but I didn't know the question, and so I am hopeful of possible suggestions for resolution. I can only answer to someone's message. When I try to send just one, by default back to the list of messages.

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    Please Note: I don't have wireless on my phone. I use Blackberry Desktop Manager Version 1. For your first question, I can't tell if you still worked through the reference KB If not, you can find it here. Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac.

    BlackBerry Link for Mac - Download Free ( Latest Version)

    I'm as frustrated, I'm on my third storm two other crapped the bed and I manually go all my stuff! And then if someone could direct me to where I can find instructions for what to do after this, it would be greatly appreciated. There is a comprehensive forum on this site dedicated to the particularity of the integration of MAC:. Prevent the uninstall of Blackberry Desktop Software application. Is there a way to prevent the Blackberry Desktop Software for uninstalling an application? Sort will do as in programmatically OR some settings OR some build properties at the time of the.

    I understand that uninstalling by command line using javaloader blocking is impossible, but I want to stop through atleast Desktop software. I can not install on my mac pro book.

    How to transfer BlackBerry contacts, messages to iPhone or Android phone?

    I have a friend that synchronizes its BB on his computer. It sound it is considered a passage to a Mac, and I wanted to know how well the BB desktop software runs on a Mac. How would you answer this question? Calendars for the BB desktop software and better synchronization with Mac Mail and address book of contacts or it works better with MS Office ?

    Raised this issue to the BlackberryHelp Twitter account 11 days ago, and it has not yet been changed. Basically when I try to download BlackBerry mixture v1. Help, please! BB made many of us are unhappy with the unhappy choice of naming, they did when they grouped LINK and mix in one package. Appointing "Desktop Software" created redundancy and confusion with the old desktop software, and we all dealt with him since then. But, from one of the links on this page, what you will receive is a package called Desktop Software, but it is completely different from the package inherited the same name.

    When run you it, it will present a screen where you choose what exactly from the package you want to install Hello, I am completely new to BBs and have just received a Bold I'm happening to synchronize with my Contacts, etc. The software does not launch automatically, even if that is selected in the preferences, and if I manually run the Blackberry Desktop software it won't do anything because he doesn't seem to know that there is a BB connected. If the software does not work I will have to try to synchronize another way I guess?