Dual boot mac os x on amd pc

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1. Ensure Your PC is Compatible

In the guide that you show how to fix this problem you comment about that. Is it ok if the EFI partition is higher than mb? This guide stops making sense in the second part with macos. Very unclear and booting instructions not given. For MacOS vanilla images try Olarila.

It just gives you raw image which needed to be flashed in usb only.

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So no need of Mac OS for image creation. Use the mbr2gpt. Notify of new replies to this comment. Thanks for this amazing project. I tried it today on my asus uxlaa. The usb boots perfectly and I am able to erase and start the installation process…but during the installation I receive the OSInstall. Someone could help me please? Nothing to do.. I also tried to recreate the image through mac..

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Il works like a charm on my NUC5 i5, straight forward. Many thanx to Niresh. Hardware is Intel i7 12gb ram, hd Now I trued the Intel fakeid 0x trick and it loaded, but that will disable all hardware acceleration and Metal support, I guess? Wont cut it for me, I need Metal. It worked like a charm except Wi-fi cars not being seen it is a rtl de with one antenna,also I try an work around with usb rtl wnn but no luck.

Is it possible?

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Where do I find a tutorial for this task? Where is my problem? Thank you. First I would like to thank you for all the efforts that you put on this project to make it as easy as possible.

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I already consider creating another installer from different flash drive but no luck — I am facing black screen if using the default boot arg. I believe I need to disable my nvidia driver. If you have a built-in Graphics. I am a Linux user and I would like to install macOS, my question is, after installing macOS on a hard disk completely empty, can I install Linux later?

I got a kernel panic the first time I launched the setup. But the installation is very fast and at the end, I have an OSInstall. How to get around this? I just found the solution!

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I only had to remove the single quote in the name, and now it works! Which one should I choose? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Accept Read More. Installation Guide. This usually means that you either have to find a real Mac, or set up a Mac virtual machine. The post installation is easier : By default, Niresh Catalina will automatically install necessary Hackintosh specific kexts and drivers for your computer when you boot your macOS installation for the first time. Other methods require you to do this manually, While the post installation in Niresh Catalina can cover up most Hackintoshes you may have to use Install some kexts manually , it is still a nice convenience.

Niresh Catalina supports more hardware : Normally other Hackintoshing methods are specific for a Computer Build, but Niresh Catalina can be Installed on most computers without touching a single line of code. The computer can run either Windows, Linux or macOS; any operating systems will work. A Hackintosh-compatible computer with an empty hard drive : This is the computer where you will install Hackintosh Catalina.

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It can be the same computer as the one mentioned in the previous point. If your computer already has macOS installed, Niresh Catalina will just update macOS normally, without deleting any of your apps or files, but always a fresh installation is recommended. It is preferred that you use a completely empty hard drive for Installing Niresh Catalina. You must register on the Hackintosh Zone website to be able to download anything. Since you will need to erase all of the files on the USB drive, make sure to back up its contents first.

You can reuse this USB drive for normal stuff after you finish installing Catalina. You can just download the free trial. Restore Catalina.

Again, you must register on the Hackintosh Zone website to be able to download anything. Related Post:. Remember what your configuration is and apply the proper driver kext file. We will skip the long and boring re-trying part. You will soon find out you are not able to boot back into Windows 7 again.

You only need recover Windows. I have a question. But you can only read, no write option from Mac OS to other none Mac partition. Next of Windows. Download Windows 1.

What if I am currently dualbooting linux and windows7? How about if you dont have a windows disk and it was pre loaded on your pc?