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FTP Client for Mac OS 10.4 (Filezilla Alternate Version) FREE

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Any suggestions? Apr 30, Messages: I like FileZilla, been using it for years. I downloaded FileZilla 3. Installed fine, but wouldn't run. Seems to require OS X I have an e-mac with OS X Any other suggestions? Maybe where I can get an older stable version of FileZilla? A transfer queue keeps track of the pending file transfers. A simple bookmark manager ensures manageability. Core system technologies such as the Keychain and Rendezvous are supported. It has everything the casual FTP user or those on a a budget need, including the ability to easily edit server files with Tex-Edit Plus, BBEdit and other common text editors.

It's under active development, is very stable and has an attractive, highly functional interface. It just keeps getting better with every update. Submit another review! It features the following:. It's based upon the remarkable MacFUSE project from Google which enables programmers to provide support for a variety of file systems within applications that run in what is known as "user space" - the part of your computer that you interact with on a regular basis.

In essence, ExpanDrive enables you to treat a remote FTP or SFTP server as a local hard drive, with all of the speed and flexibility that comes with accessing files as if they were local. Once you use ExpanDrive's menu bar menu to configure ExpanDrive, it performs its magic entirely in the background, and you use the Finder and your other favorite applications to access your remote files the way you would with any hard drive or removable drive.

Since ExpanDrive provides access to remote files as if they were local drives, all of your applications can access these files with equal ease. Fetch, like Interarchy, is a powerful FTP tool with a great interface. Fetch was one of the first Mac FTP clients available, and it remains a favorite of many web site authors due to is simplicity.

Version 4 added a number of new features, including mirroring, remote editing, and server-to-server transfers, along with a clearer, updated user interface check out the new circular progress bar. Version 5. Fetch 5. Fetch 4.

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For a non-techie, this is the best and easiest way to update my Web files I have come across. It's quick, doesn't take up a lot of disk space and the price is right. I agree - an essential!

Huang, M. A user friendly product to get up and running without having to figure out all the features right away. With Fetch's feature of being able to resume transfers after getting disconnected, I try to use Fetch for any big downloads so I don't have to start over.

First used it years ago as an idiot newbie to pull mail attachments off a UNIX mail server, have run various fairly complicated websites with it since altho' I'm still an idiot!

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One of those apps that has remained perfect while the entire fabric of the Internet reinvents itself every six months! If you want Kerberos, Fetch is the only way to go, and that's not such a bad thing. In fact, I probably shouldn't put down the interface, as that's part of what makes it such an easy program to get the hang of. Nothing wrong with an old interface if it's still highly functional. I've used far prettier programs unable to do half as good a job as Fetch.

Plus you get a cool running dog cursor - can't beat that! Likewise free email support. Not only that, Fetch has a toll free tech support phone line with a minimal one-off charge for solving your problem. I can't think of any other FTP client, or shareware in general with such well rounded, professional support. Although FileZilla's user interface still has its roots in the Windows world, those who are fond of the software and who are seeking a consistent, familiar experience across platforms will certainly enjoy FileZilla for the Mac. Let's hope that this is something that changes in the near future.

Other than that, FileZilla is a well-built, if not awkward, FTP client that is more than worthy of consideration. Flow streamlines both transferring and editing files by leveraging your high-speed connection. Key features include:. Features include:. ForkLift version 2.

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SFTP is similar to FTP, but unlike FTP, the entire session is encrypted, meaning no passwords are sent in cleartext form, and is thus much less vulnerable to third-party interception. See the changelog for more details. No more passwords in the clear!

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  • Great interface, very Apple-like. Please note: This is a specialized file transfer program, and not a true FTP client. But since it is used for uploading files to web sites as FTP is so often used for - and as of mid it is being widely discussed and scrutinized as a strong candidate for replacing FTP in the updating of web sites - I feel it deserves a listing here.

    Goliath is a client application for creating and editing collections of files that reside on a remote server via the open WebDAV protocol frequently called Web Folders that makes it possible to make changes to files stored on web servers that support WebDAV.

    Goliath exposes functionality similar to that found in the Windows version of Internet Explorer 5 plus many other features that are unique to the Mac. With Goliath, users can:. This app is ten times faster than the Finder access developed by Apple. The interface is OK - it could be better - the Aqua look and feel is not respected. Using this app on a WebDAV server is fine.

    This is a great example of the open source dynamics. Hefty FTP has lots of features, including the following:. Version 1.

    Solved: FTP client for mac OS X 10.4?

    In the tradition of download utilities such as Monica, SpeedDownload, and Download Deputy comes iGetter, the newest downloader on the block. Version 2.

    As of February 1, - in what amounted to an employee buyout - Interarchy's lead developer, Matthew Drayton, formed a new company, Nolobe Pty Ltd , and acquired Interarchy. Matthew has been working on Interarchy for six years and has led the development of Interarchy for the last several years. See the press release for more information. One of the most compelling pieces of Mac OS Internet software ever produced, the version 9 series includes the following major new features:. Version 9. Versions 4. Network traffic watching and packet display were particularly useful tools for Web developers who want to see watch the interactions between servers and browsers.

    Unfortunately, version 9 eliminates these tools, which is presents a huge step backward in Interarchy's usefulness. Interarchy has always had some great features, but their unique combination hasn't always made sense to certain people, primarily those who merely sought a simple, straightforward file transfer application. Interarchy has historically been, rather, a power user's FTP client.

    In recent years, other FTP clients such as Transmit have continued to refine the FTP experience, while Interarchy more or less struggled with what it should be, trying to be all things to all people. Version 7 significantly raised the bar, cleaning up the interface and its various features considerably, with custom views for each bookmark, and with a Finder-like attention to detail.