Forget wifi network mac os x

My company has a new network installed but every time I turn on my MacBook it picks the old, slow wi-fi network instead of the fast new one.

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Then I have to manually switch to the new wifi network. Every time. How do I fix it?

It all revolves around how Mac OS X picks which of multiple Wi-Fi networks to join when it finds itself offline and available networks. The topmost match is the one it tries. But we can fix that!

Top 2 Methods to Forget a Network on Mac

Notice that on my system, the Ethernet connection is the first choice on the left. Find the new network in the preferred networks window and click-and-drag it to appear above the old network.

How to Forget a WiFi Network on Mac - NETGEAR

That should likely fix things, but not always, because sometimes the older network will become visible to your computer faster and will start the connection before the higher priority one even shows up. To do that, scroll down on the list to find the obsolete network:. One more tiny step, though.

Changing your wireless network at Stanford

This will secure all the changes that you have made. There you go! Now your Mac has forgotten that Wi-Fi network. Do note that this is not irreversible.

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  6. You can always connect back to that network. Wi-Fi Explorer may have the answer. You get full insights into each network, e.

    How to remove existing wireless network profile on Mac | TP-Link

    You can also resolve potential network issues all by yourself so you save the time asking for a technician for help. While convenient, this can sometimes be a burden, especially if an otherwise preferred hotspot is running slowly or showing other problems.

    How to Find WiFi Password on Mac Computers

    Granted you can do so by selecting it in the Wi-Fi menu; however, if you restart your system or otherwise disconnect from Wi-Fi, when your system reconnects it may choose the problematic network again. Drag Wi-Fi hotspots higher in the list to give them priority over others. You can also remove hotspots to prevent automatic connections to them.