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More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Channel Description: Torrents by keyword "minecraft 1. Contact us about this article. Apple MacBook Pro late with i7. In my case the hogging seems to be not immediately after boot. Now, for example, 16Aa has been up for one day, five hours and ten minutes and as usual, there's hogging.

It seems Apple stil not pin point or resolved this issue.

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Because it very simple to trigger it I've have a maxed out late MacBook Pro, 2. I upgraded to macOS Sierra the day it came out, and had no issues until this morning. Then delete the original file and reboot. I hope they fix this soon, I'm going blind on my MBP monitor.

I think this issue is caused by active vs. Back to normal CPU usage and a usable computer! It seems fine when I use my external dell monitor x This is killing my productivity. I'm running the first public release So far the suggestion to close the laptop and use only external monitors has lowered GPU temps and I have not yet crashed.

The problem is GPU related so I doubt it will go away without any bug squashing but the system is fragile and keeping temps lower do seem to reduce the instabillity I've been running for a few hours now and everything seems to be working fine. After installing OSX updates you may need to repeat the above procedure if the updates have re-created the kext.

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So, after reading to many posts, I finally got it. Sorry French user. I thought it was the OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock, but it wasn't. It was the display attached to it.


The hub by itself doesn't give me a problem. I want to share what might have fixed the problem for me: I went to settings, and in energy saver I toggled automatic graphics switching to OFF.

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It worked, and my cpu load is close to idle. I turned it back again and it still doesn't spike. Maybe toggling that off and on triggers something? It seems toggleing "Automatic graphics switching" does indeed reset something. It seems this is a bug. My fan is cranking all the time now. MacOS also disabled and then re-enables one of the my screen periodically. Like it's redetecting it. Worked fine with Very disappointed in This and other problems like Mail.

Hope that Apple finds a solution rapidly This affects my work. I have to unplug the monitor to be alble to work Same issue with 2 attached monitors. I don't know how to re-produce it its random i can work all day on 2 monitors but sometimes it just cant have them for a 15 min. I've managed to solve the problem by removing a couple of Google Chrome extensions. It was not a random guess.

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I've figured out that kernel task is consuming reasources only when I'm running a number of Chrome processes. It happend only after i've tried the suggestions from this and other forums. I also had problems booting the system with the monitors attached. Would constantly freeze unless I unplugged one, rebooted, then attached after the system logged in. Booting was normal. Fan useage also dropped.

Closing all the running applications and then rebooting Mac solved the problem for me. Was using Mac Mini for things like Netflix. In short it's somehow related to how browsers are using memory, whether it's Netflix or Apple I dunno but the problem just started about a month ago. At one point it seemed to just be the browser s being open but it was so spikey I'd have to spend more time to confirm it.

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I'm having the same problem. It's really frustrating not to be able to solve this problem in a timely manner. I used to love the Mac OS and still prefer MacBook to other alternatives, but to be fair seems like Apple doesn't care that much about the users. This is probably not a malware, because reformating the SSD and reinstalling operating OTA did not fix the problem for me.