Kaspersky for mac review 2012

As such it is to be recommended. Installation is relatively straightforward. Download the installer from the web site and run the installer package. The installer package includes an uninstaller routine, or this can be run from the app itself. With macOS This is part of macOS security preventing unauthorised system extension installation.


Simply click on the Open Security Preferences button and authorise the extension installation. After installation is completed, your work is not done yet. The web browser extensions are not installed by default, nor are you told that this needs to be done. To fix this, you need to dig into Preferences and then Browsers. The extensions for Chrome and Firefox need to be installed by pressing the buttons.

This is somewhat fiddly, especially the Online Security plugin for Firefox.

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The other components are separate products, and require additional setup, or payment for a full product. Avast Passwords requires full setup too, but this appears to be fully functional. Part of the setup includes installation onto Safari. By default, you see little of Avast in normal use.

You can choose to see basic status here, including the last status messages, or you can open the main Avast window. The main Avast window has a set of menu items down the left-hand side, and a minimal set of commands in the main Apple menu bar at the top this does include an uninstall routine, which is useful. The main status window is clear and clean — you get a green tick mark, and confirmation that you are protected and that everything is up to date.

There is an advert here to ask you to upgrade to Avast Security Pro, but it is not too intrusive. The Scan menu offers full system scan, removable volumes scan, custom scan, home network security scan and a scheduled scan capability. The home network scan does a ping around your home LAN and tries to identify which devices are present.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac | Antivirus for Mac | Kaspersky

It then digs into deeper information and offers remediation and security changes on devices which it deems to be weakly protected. Reports gives you a view of recent activity, and Virus Chest allows you to see which malware has been quarantined. You can delete the files or restore them to their original locations from here. Shields shows a real time graphical view of the operational status of the File Shield, Mail Shield and Web Shield components.

Ransomware Shield and Wi-Fi Inspector require upgrades to the paid-for version for the functionality to be enabled. Account allows you to log into an Avast account if you have one.

Why Macs don't need antivirus

The app is quite simple to use, and is clear and clean in operation. When you introduce malware to the system, there are status windows which appear in red in the top right corner of the desktop.

If multiple malware threats are found, then multiple boxes start stacking vertically down the right-hand side of the screen. In a major malware situation, this can somewhat overflow the screen estate, and a more crafted arrangement here would be an improvement. The malware warning windows themselves are reasonably useful, if somewhat dense and geeky. The information held within is of value, but it could be a little more customer friendly, especially for the less-experienced user. Avira Antivirus Pro is a paid-for antivirus product for macOS. There are very many products available on the Avira website, but once you have found the right page for Avira Antivirus Pro link below , purchasing the license is straightforward, and the main installation is not complicated.

The product is competent in what it does, although some users might want more feedback and interaction with the capabilities of the system. If you are looking for a quiet, lightweight and unobtrusive AV package, then this might well be a good choice. Purchase and installation are quite straightforward. You make the purchase, download and run the installer, then create a My Avira account which shows you your licence key.

Please note that the software initially installs under the name of Avira Antivirus Free, but when you enter the licence key, this immediately changes to Avira Antivirus Pro. The My Avira webpage allows you to manage licenses and oversee configurations. However, we could find no way of managing tasks such as remotely initiating a scan, although things like this would be useful in a family context. Normally you will see little of Avira in operation. There is a status icon at the top of the screen, and from here you can click to initiate an update, run a quick scan, disable the protection, or open the main app window.

The main app window is clear and clean in operation, and tells you immediately if something is wrong. There are eight menu items down the left-hand side. On the Scanner status page, you can initiate a new scan. Scheduler lets you run scans on a schedule, Quarantine is self-explanatory, and Activity displays scan logs.

The Modules section allows you to enable or disable the 3 main components of the products real-time protection, cloud-based protection features, and USB scanner. Account allows you to log in and log out of the account. Settings allows you to change some very basic settings, such as update notifications and language of the GUI. Finally, Feedback opens a page of the Avira website where you can rate the product. This is a useful capability and one that users should employ, even though it is not enabled by default. If malware is detected by the real-time protection, e.

We also note that the information provided on this page is very spartan — only the detection time and a very concise detection name are provided. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is a paid-for antivirus product for macOS. It claims to offer full antivirus features, providing protection against Mac and PC malware. This can be increased to unlimited traffic if you purchase a Premium account. This is a strong and well-designed package. Setup is straightforward, makes clear that the browser extensions need to be installed, and provides the tools to do this in a simple and logical fashion.

The program presents a clear and obvious UI to the user, and the Autopilot feature takes almost all decision-making away from the user. The only time the user has to make a choice is if the handling of a piece of malware has failed, and the user has to decide whether to delete the file.

Is your Mac safe from phishing? Kaspersky says it’s not

Overall, there is much to like here, and the calm way in which the package operates is praiseworthy. Installation is easy to do, helped by the trial package which you can download for free.

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  7. Purchasing is straightforward too. The installer gets the program up and running quickly with minimal interruption to the user. This is an anti-ransomware feature which keeps a close eye on key folders for any sign of document encryption by ransomware. The default selection of Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Pictures is a good starting point, and it allows you to add in other folders easily for example you might choose Music or a cloud-storage folder tree like Dropbox. Additionally, Bitdefender can watch your Apple Time Machine backups, to ensure that your backups have not been tampered with.

    After installation, you open the main window of the app. Bitdefender provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Installation of these plug-ins is straightforward, and guided by the installer app. Like most end-user focussed packages, you see little of the operation of Bitdefender in daily use. Opening the main window shows a clear and well-designed layout which is obvious to navigate. The Autopilot feature is enabled, which allows Bitdefender to make decisions on your behalf in an appropriate way. The main window has a rather dark black and grey design, which is not maintained through the rest of the app.

    However, it does not impede operation. If you want to scan files for malware, it is very simple and straightforward. The web browser security works well, and picked up on phishing attempts. We liked the fact that this worked in all three of the browsers we had running Chrome, Firefox and Safari. When malware lands on the computer, the program reacts immediately as you would expect. It even automatically scans USB sticks on insertion, cleaning them without user intervention. We liked this, as it provides a level of protection that others do not offer by default. Despite the vendor only claiming that it protects you against Windows and macOS malware, it had no issues discovering and cleaning Android malware too, offering a fully rounded solution here.

    The only concern we have is when the package is presented with a lot of malware to clean.

    Do I need an Antivirus for my Mac ? If yes, is Kaspersky Internet Security good? Thanks !

    It performs this process just fine, but the messaging at the top right can be somewhat laboured, as each message is replaced by the next. There is room for improvement here, without resorting to the vertical stacking of messages which can somewhat overwhelm the screen on other packages. The messaging itself is clear, but it would be improved if there was a link to a virus encyclopaedia detailing each item.

    BitMedic is a paid-for antivirus product for macOS. There is no trial period. It appears that you can install it on multiple machines, providing they are logged into the same Apple Store account. It lets you remove malware found in the first scan; the next time you run a scan and malware is found, you have to pay to remove it. Clearly there is a strong AV engine at the core of this product.

    However, it is somewhat let down by the UI design, operational issues and rather confusing settings. Installation is simple and straightforward, as you would expect from an Apple App Store purchase. When you first run the program after installation, you get a five-page tutorial covering the main points of the app. The menu system is the default Mac app menu bar. At this point, we started to have some doubts about the BitMedic app. We note that this will only be detected by Bitmedic if the real-time protections is switched on, and the app itself is set to autostart neither of these being default settings.