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This is the only property that is required. If this is not set, the system will display an error message and them it will attempt to guess the correct value. The site configuration file must exist! If not specified, or if the specified file does not exist at startup time, the default value of gate. If not specified, the default value of gate. This has similar functionality with the the -d command line option. This is the location of the creole. The default points to a location inside gate. Alternatively, you can set the values programmatically using the static methods setGateHome , setPluginsHome , setSiteConfigFile , etc.

Download CmapTools (bit). Creare...

See the Javadoc documentation for details. If you want to set these values from the command line you can use the following syntax for setting gate.

For example, to set an alternative user config file, put the following line in build. This data holds information such as: whether to save settings on exit; whether to save session on exit; what fonts GATE Developer should use; plugins to load at start; colours of the annotations; locations of files for the file chooser; and a lot of other GUI related options; This type of data is stored at two levels in order from general to specific : the site-wide level, which by default is located the gate.

This location can be overridden by the Java system property gate. The default location for this file can be overridden by the Java system property gate. Where configuration data appears on several different levels, the more specific ones overwrite the more general.

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This means that you can set defaults for all GATE users on your system, for example, and allow individual users to override those defaults without interfering with others. Prerequisites: A conforming Java environment as above.

An appreciation of natural beauty. I then tried opening the app from Terminal by running the Java application loader included in my app:. The file libserver. A commenter, eric3k, has told me that creating two empty folders may also fix this issue.

If the above does not work, you might want to give that a try. The two folders are:.

Downloading and installing prerequisite software for macOS

The latest JRE installer from Oracle includes adware. Oracle recently released Java 8 Update 45, and added an Ask. At time of writing, it is Step 5 on the Java. I highly recommend deselecting the option to install this additional piece of software.

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You will also have to change your homepage back away from Ask. The JRE installer from Oracle only actually installs the web plugin. If you actually want just the JRE, you will need to download the. You can disable Rootless mode later with: sudo nvram -d boot-args Published by Oliver I am a web developer, I am a software developer.

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View all posts by Oliver. You should probably be trying to follow the instructions in my other post. Is there any simple answer or is it just time to get into Adobe CC? I see in Apple discussions that it is supposed to uninstall the plug-in from all web browsers. As you can see, I am a complete novice. Perhaps you could try that if you just want the Apple provided version of Java.

I just verified that symlink creation does work with High Sierra as well You should move it to the Trash.

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