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Occasionally in Mac OS X, it may be necessary to force a program or process to quit. For example, if a particular program fails to respond or unexpectedly hangs. Every application on a Mac comprises of one or more processes. Barrett as a great way to get started. Terminal is a text-based tool which lets you conduct all manner of routine tasks such as viewing directories, copying, moving and deleting files, as well as obtain detailed information about each process running including:. Activity Monitor shows common process-related details such as the memory used and percentage of CPU that each process is consuming.

When used together, Activity Monitor and Terminal provide a powerful yet relatively straightforward way to inspect and manage wayward processes.

How to View and Kill Processes Using the Terminal in Mac OS X

From here you can inspect or quit each process, but in this example we use Activity Monitor simply as a companion to Terminal. Terminal is always represented by the icon below.

The first line shows the date and time when you last logged in. The command prompt always begins with your computer name followed by your local Account Name. Note that many commands in Terminal can accept various options sometimes called switches that can alter their effect. The simplest way to discover the available command-line options is to type the command into Terminal followed by -? Another useful command is apropos. It can be used in conjunction with the ps -ax command to list only the process that you are interested in.

Linux Command Line: Bash cd

The last line is just the process ID of the grep command itself, which can be safely ignored. Repeating the command with the Skype process ID instead i. Once you know the process ID, killing it using Terminal is very simple.

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To avoid that use:. Cat is used to read a file sequentially and print it to the standard output.

The Mac Terminal Commands Cheat Sheet

The name is derived from its function to con cat enate files. Change Directory to the path specified, for example cd projects. Head is used to print the first ten lines by default or any other amount specified of a file or files. The head command allows you to view the first N lines of a file.

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  6. Choosing to display the file header is optional using the option below. Man, the abbreviation of man ual, is a bash command used to display on-line reference manuals of the given command. Man displays the reletive man page short for man ual page of the given command.

    How to view list of all commands in Mac OS X Terminal

    Learn Forum News. What is Bash? Some examples areā€¦ Editing files Adjusting the volume of the operating system Fetching web pages from the internet Automating work you do every day You can read more about bash here , via the GNU Documentation , and via the tldp guide. Writing a bash script You can also put all of your bash commands into a.

    Find and Terminate Processes from the Linux or Mac OS Command Line

    Say you had a bash script with the following contents:! Why did we use! There are a few really helpful arguments to aid this:. Linux Command Line: Bash head Head is used to print the first ten lines by default or any other amount specified of a file or files. Usage man [options] [command] Most used options: -f , print a short description of the given command -a , display, in succession, all of the available intro manual pages contained within the manual Example Display the man page of ls: man ls Linux Command Line: Bash mv Moves files and folders.

    Commonly used options: -f to force move them and overwrite files without checking with the user.