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A target drive or partition. The target volume must be at least 8GB in size. You can squeeze Mountain Lion onto a smaller drive, but there won't be much space left for user data and applications. A minimum volume size of at least 60GB provides sufficient room for the OS, user data, apps, and some free scratch space. It contains a bootable system with utilities for performing basic disk repair, as well as the ability to reinstall the OS if necessary. A current backup.

For most people, this is Mac's startup drive. This guide covers performing a clean install of Mountain Lion on a startup drive. Insert the bootable media or connect it to your Mac and then restart the Mac while holding down the Option key. This causes the Mac to display its built-in startup manager, where you select the device you want to boot from. Use the arrow keys to select the bootable Mountain Lion installer you created earlier and then press the Enter key to start the boot process.

That's why you made your own bootable media. Select Disk Utility from the list of options and click Continue. Select your Mac's startup volume from the list of devices in Disk Utility.

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If you never changed its name, the startup volume is listed as Macintosh HD. Be sure to select the volume name and not the device name, which is usually the name of the physical drive — GB WDC WD5 , for example. Click the Erase tab. Give the startup drive a name or use the default name. Click the Erase button. When you are asked if you are sure you want to erase the drive, click Erase. Your computer's eligibility must be verified before you can download and restore OS X.

Features of Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5

This happens because the bootable media you created doesn't contain all the files necessary for the install. The installer checks for any missing or new files it needs, downloads the files from Apple's servers, and then starts the installation process. Click Continue. Read through the license and click the Agree button. Click the Agree button a second time to confirm you didn't accidentally click the Agree button. The installer displays a list of drives you can install Mountain Lion on.

Select the target drive the startup drive you erased earlier and click the Install button. The installer checks the Mac App Store for updates and any other files it needs. After restarting, your Mac starts the system setup process, including creating an administrator account and creating an iCloud account if you want one. Select your country from the list on the Welcome screen and click Continue. But before you do anything else, a word of caution: once you've used the OS X installer, it will automatically delete the file you need to make the backup disk , so you'll want to either make a copy of the installer or create your disk before you upgrade.

You can find out more on how to do this here.

Download and install older versions of OS X on a Mac

If you want to make the process as painless and automated as possible, there's an app you can use called Lion Diskmaker. Simply download the app and in a few clicks and about 30 minutes your disk will be finished. The app also works with OS X Lion. Drag and drop the " InstallESD. This should make it appear in the Source box on the right.

If not, you may have to click the " Restore " tab as seen below. While in previous releases the lacuna was there, which needed a copy and pasting the link to your social media client and all is required to be done manually. The security settings can be double checked if Gatekeeper which is basically serving as a malware blocking mechanism, is accessed in preferences or system settings.

The Gaming Center is quite easier to manage, play and respond requests by friends or enthusiasts.

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The functions that are introduced with Lion are like giving your Mac a new life, and there are many positive reviews concerning the features that we have already discussed above and which we are about to list below, so do consider them as well. You believe or not, Apple has revamped plenty of things with this Mac OS, as some new security concerning options were being added and plethora of other performance based improvements are also existing, which are definitely borrowed from iOS but on a bigger screen.

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