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Well, you can control it and establish a minimum speed to make the temperature drop thanks to an app called smcFanControl for Mac, that comes along with excellent options and that you can run on different versions of macOS, including El Capitan or Sierra.

Howto Guide: Uninstall smcFanControl for Mac

This tool offers you the possibility to control the fans of your Mac but without any risk for your computer as it doesn't wipe out the default settings to make sure that the fans are activated with the CPU needs them. These are the functions included in the program:. Using it is very simple but you have to bear in mind a few precautions to be taken into account, as you need to have certain knowledge in this field before you start mucking around However, remember that it can only be used with Intel processors.

Mac Tools smcFanControl Mac 2. It's easy to use but you've got take certain precautions beforehand Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:.

Only compatible with Intel processors. Minimum operating system requirements: Mac OS X Requires a bit operating system. Advanced Mac users may wish to occasionally manually control their Macs fan speed, along with monitoring the active fan speed and keeping an eye on the various internal temperature gauges of their Mac. This can be helpful for performance reasons, but also for some troubleshooting situations, or even if you want to attempt some drastic intervention to manually cool the temperature of a hot Mac.

The aptly named Macs Fan Control application allows for this.

Delete smcFanControl Library Files, Caches & Preferences

But remember, the Mac will adjust fans on its own depending on temperatures as needed, so intervening on your own is generally not wise nor recommended. Failure to adequately cool a Mac can result in performance problems, crashes, and even permanent damage to hardware. Overusing a fan could result in hardware failure as well. Use this app entirely at your own risk, as it may damage your Mac. If you are not a very advanced Mac user, do not use this app and do not attempt to adjust fan speeds.

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The authors are not liable for data loss, damages, profit loss or any other types of losses connected with the use or misuse of the program. Note that resetting SMC will not fix a damaged fan or damaged hardware, so if you broke something by improperly using the app that will be your own problem to deal with.

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If you use Macs Fan Control and find it beneficial for some purpose, you can even get a Windows version too. It can not be emphasized enough that these sort of applications are intended for very advanced computer users who understand the risks of manually intervening in hardware performance and behavior.

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  • The vast majority of Mac users should not ever attempt to use apps to adjust fan behavior or anything similar, as they will likely experience problems they would not otherwise have. If your interest in adjusting fan speed is purely based on temperature, a better solution would be to focus on ways to keep the Mac cool in hot climates.

    How to Adjust Mac Fan Speed Manually with Macs Fan Control

    Note that an overheating Mac will often simply crash or freeze, and unlike the iPhone which displays a temperature warning , the Mac will typically just stop being responsive, often with the cursor failing to move as well, when the machine as overheated. Excessive heat is damaging to electronics, so do your best to avoid putting your hardware into situations where the device is running in a hot environment or is not able to adequately cool down.

    The capability to manually adjust fan speeds and control a Macs fan system has been around for quite a while, and longtime readers may recall SMCFanControl from the original Intel MacBook line from back in , and that tool still works on those older Macs, whereas Macs Fan Control functions on modern Macs. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

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    • I down loaded the app and it works great, But one thing if its a Demo and you need to pay then why not say so. You can also reset System Management Controller which will spin up the fans when completed. And the Bottom gets even hotter.. This cannot be good for the hardware.. I also elevate my Macbook Pro 1 inch using some felt Pads I got at a local hardware store.

      How To Control The Fan Speed On Your Mac (2018)

      Good article. Warnings about risks are important. A review of alternative apps would be nice. Setting a custom fan curve can help reduce that annoyance. Thanks for the article, so I am interested in following the internal temperature of my MAC, which temperature sensor is the best one to follow????? MACS Fan control lets me follow 6 different temperatures, confusing! And at what temperature should I worry? If you just want to keep an eye on them, most people follow CPU temperature. You can also use apps like iStat Menu to keep track of internal temperatures and other stats for the system, those are better for most people since that app is supported by the developer.

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      I disagree.. Back when I had a still functional Macbook Pro, the version with the problematical GPU card, the generally acknowledged way to prolong the life of these GPU cards between replacements was with aggressive fan control.