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By Butterfly. These HP CD - rewritable disks are the best in the market.

They are thoroughly reliable, play in any CD-Rewritable drive, and can be burned-erased-and-reburned over and over again without degrading. Its great for large files, backup, multimedia, etc. Another reviewer mentioned how sturdy these disks are - they have a rugged feel compared to some other brands. They come with their own jewel cases, too. You can't go wrong with these disks -even though the price is a little high - they're well worth it.

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By TDK. Great for the Home Studio Musician This product is very good for home recording studios. I am a jazz guitarist and I use this CD for my arrangements. Getting the final mix is very important on a recording and this CD allows me to play it on my truck radio after the final monitoring on my studio speakers. If the mix doesn't sound right, I can easily unfinalize and erase the track and begin a new mix. The CD captures good, clean sound and plays back the original recording very well in the sound spectrum. Of course, like most CD-RW's, you only get so many times to erase and unfinalize before you get recording error messages.

Bass and high frequency response is very accurate, even against my Maxell 10" reel-to-reel tape on a Tandberg TD A tape machine but easier to thread the "tape". By Ed Baranowski -. TDK Media are exactly as I needed.

SOLVED: Optical Drive Does Not Recognize CD/DVD - Power Mac G5 - iFixit

I generally transfer the music file to my hard drive and erase the CDRW to record a new set of music. It may be me, but when shopping, the stores do not come right out and tell you if it will work for music recordings. By Runion. Better late than never for a review I think I have already reviewed this item but I'm not sure so here goes again!

First off, as far as I remember I didn't buy a 10 pack of these. I have a Phillips dual deck home CD burner that was probably over 10 years old when these CD's quit working so maybe my burner was the problem as i haven't tried any other Rewritables in the burner since, I know write once CD's still work to this day. I do know that other Rewritable Music CD's that I have used in my burner have gotten between 50 and rewrites before wearing out.

By paul. By Sony. Very hard to find. My camera is still working great. Can't understand why the discs have been discontinued. Quit making the cameras so good. Happy that this dealer helped me. Couldn't find any other sites that carried this product. Looking for compatability I purchased the correct brand for my camera because I was having a problem when trying to delete pictures from the cheaper brands and I was having disk errors that where not only inconvienent but caused me to loose some cherished photos. I can not say that this will not happen with the Mavica brand but so far so good.

It's been around a month and no problems. By eagleman By Juan. Got some of them coming. I have some recordings on cassette, from a long time ago, that I want to put onto CD. By Dave T. Four Stars Good so far. By John M. We don't have a media player that is compatible with the library software, and so we have to record the books to CDs. It is also very cooperative with Windows 7, and was the easiest I've ever used to format and record, both for data and audio.

I've also tested it in three different computers running Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and the disc worked perfectly in all. We have recorded on this disc at least times and it is still working like brand new.

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Cannot recommend more highly! By Sarah Doughty. Fabulous Item I used these disks to move my images and music from my old XP computer that was on the verge of dying to my new Windows 7 computer, and they worked like a dream. I was easily able to write files to the disk, copy them off, and erase and reuse the disk. I only had one hiccup, where I wound up with a "disk error", but it turned out to be a user error instead. I tried to write the files to the disk before they had finished preparing to write.

I'm definitely holding on to them for future use. By Janice Gardner. With this product I could quickly copy the music from one of my music CDs, or put together a compilation of songs from various groups or singers. I like the ability to write over a burned CD. In a couple of cases I either wrote over a song with one I liked better or rearranged the order of the various songs later on. One thing I checked before buying the product was the speed of my computer's CD burner drive to take advantage of these Ultra Speed disks. The disks that I have burned for my car's CD player play just fine.

By Sam. I don't use them too often, so ordering 10 is perfect for me. I like the fact that the cases were included. By Lupe L. By Ana Maria Abba. By aripama1. No Coasters yet. What a great concept! Erasable CD's. I have used about twenty of these, so far, and have not found a coaster, yet. Can the printed on part get erased too I have greatly reduced my need to record once on CD-R's, which will be a money saver.

By duff. Indispensible item to have around on Amazon I love having this cd available to buy here on Amazon. Not really because it is better than any other cd I've ever tried, because I'm not so attuned to the marketplace that I'd know one way or the other. However, it's worked each time I've bought it, so I've no complaints about it in that respect.

Medium write error; can't burn CD HELP

My real reason for buying this cd is for those times when Amazon keeps presenting me with these free shipping deals and I only need another dollar or two to get to that point. Don't really need I don't really need these. I purchased a T1 and can save photo files on it. Furthermore, installing the wrong Memorex drivers can make these problems even worse.

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Nothing will come up. I have been viewing this data for months so I know there's something on it. And by the same token, the CD player plays all the other disks that I use which leads me to believe it's not the computer. Jan 03, Windows 8 and memorex external dvd writer not compatible From the description, I understand that the Memorex external DVD writer is not working with Windows 8. Please refer to our CNET Sep 25, I am not sure that wil help but I have the same problem except i noticed that only one brand and model of the cdr i have keeps being rejected.

It the Memorex black cdr. Other memorex cdr as well as other brands work normally. DVDs also work.

I just find the answer I am looking for and then go on about my business. But I just have to tell you, I have been suffering with this error message for about a week. I am using an iMac5.

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I tried different blanks, and switched to another brand. Same thing happened -- the Miedium Write Error message. Then I switched over to iTunes to burn a music CD -- uh-oh - same message. I have checked other posts on the subject, cleaned the drive I am a smoker so I figure second-hand smoke gunk in the drive along with dust and dirt since the opening is uncovered on the side of the all-in-one system.