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So I just bought Office and it comes with 3 legal product keys. That means I have 1 legal key left. Can I install it on my current computer and later uninstall it and reinstall it on any new computer I get next year?

Or will it only let me do this install once? Luke Soules luke. I'm not sure which version of Office you're using, but for Office for Mac, there's no activation process on installation. The software does check to make sure the same key isn't being used at the same time, but if you stop using it and install the software on one machine you should then be able to reinstall it on a different machine with no issues.

If you're concerned about legalities, you should know that one legal key can power only one copy of a software.

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You can install it, and uninstall it unlimited number of times. You can use it in a different PC as long as that key is not powering the other PC any more.

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The crux is - one key, one PC. Has everybody else has said as long as you don't break the one key one computer rule you are fine. The automatic internet activation failed - but after explaining the situation I was issued with the activation code. The real problem is how do you deactivate your product key on the mac? Do you completely remove all Microsoft Office related files on your computer?

Lost the Product Key for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac?

Or do you have to go through a certain uninstaller to deactivate your product key on your computer in order to proceed using? John, this question has not been visited for almost 3 years. You might get an answer quicker, if you ask your own question. Right now your question shows as an answer. Back Answers Index. Software Machine-readable instructions that direct computer processors to download and render images of cats from the internet.

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Viewed k times. I had to restore my iMac from a Time Machine backup.

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  6. I am trying to locate my key I believe I downloaded this version originally and it should be in my email but I can't find it I tried a program that is supposed to "find the keys for products installed on your computer" Mac Product Key Finder and it found my very old Office key, but not Jish Jish 2 2 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. As mentioned on the top of that page Support for Office for Mac ended on October 10, Oops, I lost my keys so I have to buy a new car now!

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