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Upon installing TI-Connect and connecting my calculator s to the computer, I receive no indication that my calculator is seen by the application.

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Only after turning off and then back on my calculator do I get this message:. It reads: "Alert - A device was connected, but we could not communicate with it for some reason. This has happened with both my calculators every time I try. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, used different cables, downloaded the software again, and connected to different usb ports, all to no avail.

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I sought out help from TI for this, and it was concluded that the problem was probably with my MacBook Pro because I am still able to connect to my PC and my friends' Macs , under the same conditions. Posted on May 8, PM.

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May 8, PM in response to eww In response to eww. Jul 18, PM in response to andrewmess93 In response to andrewmess Andrew, are you still having this issue or did you figure out what the problem was? I too am having the same issue with my TI Titanium. I do not have the cable that came with the calculator and attempted to use a standard camera cable that's USB to mini. I'm curious to know if this has anything to do with it. So, did you have the original cable or purchase one through TI or did you use a generic cable like did?

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Thanks in advance. Jul 18, PM.

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  • I still have been unable to figure out what has been causing this. However, I've not considered that I would need a cable specifically from TI. I don't know if I have the original or not, but none of my generic cables have any markings on them that would lead me to believe they came with my TI Titanium. For now, I think what you've said could be a solution. Jul 19, AM.

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    Jul 20, PM in response to andrewmess93 In response to andrewmess One of the guys from the Geek Squad told me TI's accessory products are not proprietary so it shouldn't matter what cable I used and directed me to the cell phone area for a generic USB-to-mini cable as they did not sell TI cables. I bought one for good measure just to make sure I didn't have a bad cable at home.

    STILL the same problem and error. I sent TI a message through their website trying to get help on the issue and this is what they said:.

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    • It was last updated to work with Macintosh While we will continue to troubleshoot any issues that may arise I am not able to guarantee that a solution may be available. At this point, our software developers have become aware of an issue with our software and your platform. They are working on possible solutions for a possible future update to the software. Unfortunately, I do not have an estimated time frame as to when this update may become available.

      I do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. I definitely have If you've got Jul 20, PM. Why didn't I think of this sooner.

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      So I reverted back to my camera cable which has what I believe to be an adapter small cylindrical object close to mini-B end and everything worked fine. I still wonder, though, if the name brand TI cable would resolve the inconsistent cable issue I still seem to have. But everything's working for me now so I'm happy enough If it helps any, I don't think it's the cable. I just updgraded to Lion and unfortunately I didn't try this prior to installing Lion so I can't say for sure that it would not have worked, but it sounds like any version above Hopefully they will fix this soon.

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      I really don't want to have to install windows or parallels just for this one thing. Aug 1, AM. I'm in the same boat It's the same problem and it sounds like it's related to the OS I'm running Lion as well. The message "A device was detected but we could not communicate with it" comes up when I turn the calculator on after being plugged into the USB. I hope TI can figure this out asap-- this makes it challenging to effectively use it in class as I'm teaching. Aug 10, AM. Aug 25, AM in response to tallseabass In response to tallseabass. I am trying to update my TI 84 plus as i am a student and i need this new app for a new chapter and i seem to ba facing the same problem.

      Does this mean it is the problem with mac recognising my calculater and i should try with a pc instead? Browse to the location of the Apps. You will see the file being transferred to your device. Press the blue " APPS " key to check out your new functionality. Turn on your TI device and make sure it is on the home screen. Choose Connection from the menu bar. Click on your device type in the list displayed.

      Select the computer port. Click Connect. The device window is displayed.

      Drag the application file you downloaded to the device window. The Sending window displays the progress as the file s are sent to your TI handheld. Log out.